International Nurses

Every year, Westways sponsors hundreds of nurses from Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe who are excited by the prospect of a career in the United States. Together with our nurses, we have created a truly “global nursing community” that stretches far beyond our country’s borders.

Dedicated to a Common Goal

The Westways family is united through a dedication to providing the highest quality of compassionate healthcare while adhering to the strict standards of the American Nursing Practice.

Benefits for International Nurses

  • Top U.S. Training Program
  • High Quality U.S. Instructors
  • NCLEX Review
  • Long Term Employment Opportunities
  • Permanent Placement
Qualifications for Sponsorship
  • Graduation from a Nursing program (Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree)
  • Successful completion of either the CGFNS Certification or NCLEX-RN examination
  • Successful completion of either the TOEFL-IBT or IELTS
International Nurse Documentary Requirements
  • Nursing School Diploma and Transcript of Records
  • Nursing License or Notification of passing the NCLEX-RN in the U.S.
  • Certificates of Training / Seminars
  • Resume

Ready to Get Started?

Send us your profile and join the hundreds of nurses who have achieved their dream of working and living in the United States with the help of Westways*. For more information, please contact the International Services Department by email.

*Please note, from start to finish, this process may take 6 months to a few years. The duration of the process depends on a multitude of variables. Please call or email for more details.

**The Westways RN Referral Program does not apply to RNs referred to the International Nurse Sponsorship Program.

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